Cape Town: 3/16/15 (Week 18)

Subject: What a week!

This week was sweet! So many funny and cool stories this week! I will start with one of the funniest things I have ever experienced in my life. We went to this guys’ house to give him a DVD that he ordered and he invited us in. And he starts going on about how he died once and he went to Heaven. He said that Jesus Christ came and got him from Earth and he couldn’t see his face. And when he got to Heaven there was lions and kids rolling on the ground playing and super green grass. And then he was taken to Hell and he saw church people and they were begging to get out and then he asked if he could stay in Heaven but he said Christ told him he needed to go back and preach to the Muslims. I was almost in tears holding in my laughter while this guy went on for about 45 minutes. Phuma, our recent convert, was there and after we got in the car he said, “lets go back and see if he changes his story or if he could do that again word for word” hahahaha. We only got about 1 minute of talking in with this guy and I felt I should invite him to church so I did and directed him to it and he said “see you Sunday.” I was thinking…yeah I have heard that one before. Even our most progressing investigators promise to be at church and they never come so I gave it a one in million chance and come Sunday I even forgot about him. And all of a sudden, at 9 o’clock…This guy (Henry) WALKS IN!!! Phuma was next to me and he was like “dude….oh my gosh” and pointed.. He was like “I feel like crying”. So he ended up coming to church…and stayed all 3 hours! What a sweet end to a story like that and even sweeter if we can get the man baptized!


This week we had a dinner appointment with this American family. We shared a thought with them and I was thinking of my go to stories as a missionary…mine are.. Alma 47, Moroni 10:4-5, Ether Chapter 3, Ether chapter 12 verse 47 or Enos. So the spirit kept saying do the story of the Brother of Jared.. I was thinking no I always do that.. but it kept saying do it. So I did. We talk about the story and how the Brother of Jared could be any of us and he started off with just having faith and then he had this knowledge. I said how I didn’t really have a testimony and over time I have gained this knowledge…and then I bore my witness about God and Christ and the prophet Joseph Smith. After I am done it was pretty silent and I look to the girl next to me, she’s 13 and I said “any comments?” And she removed the pillow from her face and when she did I could see tears rolling down her face and she said “I got my answer.” And the spirit was so strong everyone was just so quiet. One of the coolest experiences on my mission.

We gave a few blessings this week as well. One stood out with a recent convert named Marshin who has been struggling lately. We offered him a blessing and he said “Elder Taylor do you mind?” So I gave him one and when I had my hands on his hand I knew he was a special man and that he will help build up the kingdom of God. And the next day we saw him and he came up and he said “Elder Taylor, everything is better. I feel this burden lifted off my shoulders.” Super cool testimony builder to me on the power of the Priesthood!


We also had another baptism this week. It was sweet. The guy is power! President Merrill baptized him so it was such a sweet experience. I love this area so much. That was my 5th baptism since I have been in the ward so I have been loving the work here!!!

Love you all! Glad you guys can be a part of the experiences I am having, thank you for all the prayers and support.

Elder Taylor


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