Cape Town: 3/2/15 (Week 16)

Subject: 7 months!

Hello everyone!


7 months..come and gone…why in the world is time going so quick? Better enjoy a mission while it lasts! This week was a great one. A lot of super cool things happened this week. One was last Monday night. We were meeting with a recent convert named Marshin. He ended up bringing his friend Shaun. So we taught his friend about the Restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ. It was a very spiritual lesson and experience for me. I said the pillar of light quote from the Joseph Smith story and he stopped me and had tears in his eyes and said “I felt something as you were saying that.” So we were able to explain the Holy Ghost and it was just sweet. Then I felt impressed for all of us to share our experiences of how we came to know God was real and how the Church was true for Marshin, myself, and Elder Nienaber. When it came to my turn the spirit was so strong and I felt impressed to share a very personal and sacred experience that I had, and I feel impressed to share it right now as well. Growing up I obviously was a member of the church, I always believed in it but didn’t really know. I didn’t have the knowledge that I do now. I didn’t even have a knowledge that God was real. I just always believed it because that is what I grew up to believe. There came a time about a year and a half ago where I hit the lowest of lows in life. And I was thinking to myself. “If there is a God, why is all this stuff happening to me at once. Does he even care?” So I remember I walked into my room at college and it was dark and I thought… I just need to know for myself, right now. And I feel like it was the first time I truly ever prayed. I knelt for the first time ever and I started to pray and before I could even begin I started to cry. And I mean literally bawling. And I said “God, are you there?” And I waited, and the most peaceful, warm, calm feeling I have ever felt came over me. It felt like God was kneeling beside me and had his arm around me and was saying. “I am here. I always have been and I always will be. You are my son and I love you.” And it was something that I could never deny. And with that joy I felt, I knew I wanted my fellow brothers and sisters of our Father in Heaven to feel what I felt, and I needed to serve him by going on a mission. It was a sacred experience for me and whenever I see my faith dip, I always go back to that experience. I was tearing up sharing this experience and the spirit was just so present at that lesson, and he committed to reading the Book of Mormon. So powerful.


We went to a township called Googeltu this week as a zone to help the Elders there find people to teach. I got paired up with a guy named Elder Manqana. We placed ten copies of the Book of Mormon… it was so sweet! The next day we had a zone conference, and Elder Manqana raised his hand and he said “Elder Taylor is power. I have never seen someone give out so many copies of the Book of Mormon, he introduced it perfectly in less than two minutes.” I thought that was sweet. He taught me so much as well. It is so nice going out with other missionaries to learn and grow from one another. Zone conference was so powerful. We had a leadership training meeting before it began and it was the zone leaders, the AP’s, the traveling AP’s, President and Sister Merrill, and me… hahahaha I was like whaaaat am I doing here but they said training was the most important leadership position in the mission! We also got to watch Meet the Mormons DVD and it was so good! Everyone go watch it, explains our beliefs perfectly.


One super funny experience this week was sketcccchhhhh. We went to a guy where one of my companions got robbed and it was the worst part of our area. So we roll up there with our fellowshipper Phuma and he was like no, no, no this is too sketch. I was like bro were fine. I said there was a lot of people outside so nothing will happen and there is a wedding going on right now. So I asked him to pray before we went in. So as he begins to pray I hear a bunch of running so I open my eyes and saw people running. I thought they were playing tag or something. When this guy catches up with him, stabs him, punches him, and runs away.. and then Phuma said amen and looks up and I was like what in the world just happened. And I explained and he is like whaaaat…and then I said alright lets go in… hahahaha…my attitude has totally changed. Before I would have been scared but the Lord protects his missionaries. I know that!!!

Love you all!




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