Cape Town: 2/23/15 (Week 15)

Subject: 200 days?!


Why is the time moving so quick?! It is so crazy! But another week already come and gone! This week was just awesome. My son and I had a super cool experience that happened this week. After we left I pulled over and said to him, “let’s pray to place two copies of the Book of Mormon today.” So we prayed and we just listened to the spirit. We gave one to this lady who was with her kids and she seemed super happy. Then we were just driving and I felt impressed to go to the gas station, so I told Elder Neinaber that. He didn’t even hesitate and said, “which one?” I asked him which place we should go and we both felt the Engen near our house, which wasn’t the closest gas station but we felt that was the one we needed to go to. So we went and the guy who was filling up our gas was talking to me and I brought up the fact we were missionaries. I showed him the Book of Mormon and he happily accepted it, then there were 6 other workers that swarmed and asked us for the books and we actually ran out of them! We were able to also give them Restoration pamphlets. It was such a cool experience for me on the power of the Holy Ghost. That is something I have tried to be better at was listening to the promptings I get and acting on them. And I was able to this time and look at the miracle that happened! God is great!


We had another sweet experience happen this week with a guy named Elias. We went in to teach him about baptism. But the spirit was saying to me “talk about prayer”. So we did and we adjusted our teaching based on the spirit. So we taught him about prayer and it was just a sweet experience. It was a super long lesson and after we asked if he had any questions and he starting tearing up and said “no, but thank you for the lesson. I learned something new today. I will be at church on Sunday no doubt about it.” And then we asked if there was anything we could do for him and he said “I don’t feel worthy to ask for God’s servants help.” But we told him that is what we do! SERVE! One of the most humble guys I have ever met. Love the people I meet here, forever changing my life.

Love you all, thanks for your constant prayers on my behalf. They mean more than you guys will ever know!

Elder Taylor


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