Cape Town: 2/9/15 (Week 13)

Subject: What is up people?!

Well another week gone by! Super quickly! But this week was super good. Elder Smith and I taught our final lesson together and it was probably the most powerful one that I have taught on my mission. It was with a guy named Charles. He has been investigating for two years. I was praying very fervently on what we should talk to him about and I felt we should read a talk by President Eyring on continuing revelation. So we went in and I opened the magazine and laid it out there by me and then we starting eating since he feeds us every Tuesday. He started talking about revelation and how he felt like he hasn’t gotten an answer to what he has been searching for and if he should move his family or not and I said “Well, I was praying very hard to know what we should talk to you about and that is exactly what we felt impressed to talk about.” And then I showed him how the talk was already open even before he said that. So we read the talk and it was word for word almost what he had been saying to us. He said “Guys, that is a little weird.” I said, “Yeah, but that is an example of continuing revelation.” He agreed and the spirit was so strong. We talked about baptism again and he said March 8th he will be baptized. His wife, who isn’t a huge fan of the church said, “don’t back out this time.” It was sweet! Charles told us it was the best lesson he had ever been taught. I was truly grateful to my Heavenly Father for answering all of my prayers!

Well guys, I had my baby and I am training Elder Nienaber! He is a stud from Johannesburg! We get a long super good and he is a joy to train. We taught 19 lessons in 3 and a half days together and I am already showing him that we will work hard in our companionship and we will be exactly obedient. Obedient missionaries see success, exact obedient missionaries see miracles.


We were able to go see Elder Callister, the Sunday School General President, Elder Gibson, his first counselor, and Elder Cook, a member of the 70 and Area President, and they had a meeting with the missionaries in Cape Town, SUPER COOL! I was able to talk to Elder Callister for a little while 1 on 1 and he remembered Pleasanton, so cool. He was one of my General Conference idols and I was able to meet him so I enjoyed that.

Phuma is still a stud! He has been to YSA every week since he has been baptized, fellowships with us, and always attends church. He went to the orphanage on Saturday with the YSA and then the devotional with Elder Callister and he is power. Sister Jan, one of the YSAs, came up to me and said “Phuma is literally you now, he spends too much time around you. He says all of the sayings you say.” I just laughed hahahhaa. Phuma is one of those people that just changed my mission and is just awesome!

Life is great. Truly enjoying training. Love all the prayers and support. Have a great week all. LOVE YOU GUYS!

Elder Taylor



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