Cape Town: 2/2/15 (Week 12)

Subject: 6 months?!?!

6 months has come and gone…how quick was that!  Well guys, I found out I will be training a new missionary. I feel like I am still a young missionary and not sure why I am training but I know it is a call from the Lord and I will step up in this leadership position with the best of my ability!

We had zone training this week and it was great hearing from president and getting interviewed by him! He was talking about Elder Smith and I to me and he said “You guys are perfect examples of testing God’s promises, are obedient, and always have the spirit with you. You guys just get it.” Then he interviewed me for a leadership position and didn’t tell me what it was until I got a phone call Saturday from our zone leaders. My zone leader is my grandfather on my mission…the guy who trained my trainer.. and he called me and said “Elder Taylor, I thought you were going to be the District Leader…but instead..I am getting a great grandson…you are having a baby!!” Hahahahha it was super funny! My “son” is from South Africa. So, I am very excited for the opportunity president has given me to step up to a leadership position this early into my mission.


Elder Smith and I worked so hard together and had so much fun. We ended up teaching 124 lessons the last transfer. Crazy! It will be time that I will never forget. He has helped change my mission and one guy I will be close with forever. We topped off our transfer together by Phuma receiving the Holy Ghost this week. I had the opportunity to confirm him and it was an amazing experience. He said he was breathless after, just amazing. Phuma has been to YSA, fellowshipped with us, and went to our ward fun night. He has serious power and on Sunday bore his testimony in front of everyone on being humble and about the Holy Ghost. So cool!


That is it for me. Just wanted to say thank you all for the prayers these past 6 months. They definitely have helped me get to where I am today. It means so much to have all this support as I am away from all my family and friends, but your prayers keep me going. Love you all!

Elder Taylor





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