Cape Town: 1/26/15 (Week 11)

What is up everyone?!

Well today will be an amazing day…we get to go paint balling with 20 Elders! President approved paint balling for us so we have been so excited the whole week!

This week the main thing I wanted to talk about was Phuma…the guy we just baptized. He is the coolest guy I have ever met. He was met through a guy we baptized a few months ago and he was about as golden of an investigator as you could get. Sometimes we run with him in the mornings since he lives right next door to us. On Wednesday we went for a 5k run and then we ran to Mcdonald’s after since it is right by our flat. We met with him a ton this week to prepare him for Sunday.


Sunday finally came and he brought his girlfriend to watch him be baptized. He was talking with the senior couple that was there at the baptism and they told us Phuma will be a bishop one day. The service was super good for his baptism and then we walked into the room with the font for him to do the ordinance and he was taking awhile and I went in the bathroom and saw him and Elder Smith kneeling down and Phuma was praying…just power. Then he gave the most powerful testimony to everyone after he was baptized. He talked about weakness and he memorized ether 12:27 and said it to everyone and everyone was just beaming at him. Bishop was just so happy to have someone like this coming into the ward.


After the service everyone came up to us and was thanking us for baptizing someone like this into the ward. It was a super cool experience. The spirit was so strong. I knew God was proud of Phuma, he was proud of Elder Smith, and he was proud of me. I know God loves me, he knows me, he knows everything about me. He is so proud of the decision I have made to serve him and helping to bring his children back to him. I know this work we do is real and it changes lives for eternity. Next week I will have the privilege to confirm him a member and I cannot wait for that. God is good.

Love you all!!!

Elder Taylor





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