Cape Town: 1/19/15 (Week 10)

What is up?!

Best week on my mission. Well, every week is the best week when I get to serve the Lord! But it started off with us going ice skating on Monday with about 16 missionaries. It was so fun hahahaha. And this week we get to play basketball with about 30 missionaries so I am loving the Cape Town P-days!


So many miracles happened this week it was crazy! This guy who we are teaching is named Charles. He is the only white guy I have taught on my mission and he is just an amazing guy. He always feeds us and it’s great. This week we answered all of his questions and after two years of the lessons he committed to being baptized! He said I am 99% sure that it is the right church. He said: “I side with the Mormons.” It was just a cool spiritual experience for me. The spirit was so strong when we bore testimony of Joseph Smith. He told us he was feeling the spirit and it was just a testimony builder for me!

We taught a lady named Avril this week in the hospital. She was telling us about the sorrows she was facing in her life and she was wondering why we go through trials. I felt impressed to open to a scripture in the Doctrine and Covenants, Section 121 “My son (Avril), peace be unto thy soul; thine adversity and thine afflictions shall be but a small moment; and then, if thou endure it well, God shall exalt thee on high; thou shalt triumph over all thy foes.”  I told her that after every rainstorm comes the rainbow. She says “Wow. I loved that. Thank you so much.” And then she said “I am going the Mormon way”. And then we committed her to baptism! So that was another super cool experience!


This week Elder Smith and I gave 5 blessings. A few of them left all of us in tears and the spirit was so strong. I gave a blessing to a guy who has been struggling with smoking and in the blessing I said “Heavenly Father will show you a way to overcome the weaknesses and temptations that you face.” And he said that stuck with him. He said the next day he was going to the store because he wanted one more cigarette. And when he was walking all the sudden he started walking back, then he walked towards the store again, then back. And then he went for a run and the urge left. He has been able to quit and it was a huge testimony to me on the reality of the Priesthood and how it is only found in this church.

One funny thing this week happened when we met the other elders to get them some mail that the zone leaders asked if we could drop by. So we were outside talking with them when some guy walks out from the distance. He starts singing to us “shine bright like a diamond” And “jesus loves you” And it was about 10 minutes we just sat and watched this guy sing to us hahhahaha…when one missionary pretends to get a call and says “Yeah mom I am coming home” and leaves with his comp hahahahhahaha! So funny!


One guy came to church this week for the first time and then he says “How and when can I get baptized?” We quickly got his contact information hahahhaa. This week we have another baptism for Phuma, the smartest guy I have ever met. He’s 29 and just a total stud. It is the first person getting baptized that I taught from the beginning, so this one is very emotional for me! I get the opportunity to confirm him as well, so I am excited for that!


Ellllllddddaaa Taaaaayllllaaa



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