Cape Town: 1/12/15 (Week 9)

Subject: Loving Life

The subject says it all…truly loving life! I am serving in the greatest place in the entire mission.  The members are truly amazing. We went to a recent convert just for a lesson and he goes “You guys want to go get KFC?” And then he takes us there. It happens all the time. The “Dinner Appointment” list is always filled out…mostly for my companion and I. The other Elders rarely get invited over for food and I feel super bad!  But, you need to be involved in the ward like Elder Smith and I are. We always talk to them and laugh with them and I just love these people. On the list this week 4 people signed up…and it says “companionship” or “both” if you want both sets of missionaries over. One of them said “Taylor” and the other two said “Taylor and companion” and another one said both…We all had a super good laugh hahahha…love Meadowridge!


We are now teaching this lady who is in the hospital named Avril. She was an alcoholic and wants to change her life. It is just crazy how much the gospel brings hope and peace and just change to someone’s life. It’s so great that everyone we are teaching right now are starting to make serious changes in their lives and they are the most humble and teachable people I have ever met!


We met with a guy named Levis who had a hard time accepting repentance because he said no unclean thing can dwell with God and we will make mistakes. I told him that it is “through our redeemer Jesus Christ that we can be made perfect and by his grace after all that we do we can be saved.” He says “That is exactly what I wanted and needed to hear.” I thought that was super cool! Then I went on to talk about how Christ came to save us “from” our sins not “in” our sins. I told him that just because Christ came and died for our sins that doesn’t mean we can do whatever we want. But because he died for our sins we need to repent and change and strive to be like Him, so there is a huge difference! But I am so grateful for the Atonement and I can testify that it did really happen. It is definitely why I where I am today.

I just love life. Truly love it.  A mission is by far the best thing I could be doing right now in my life and I am just filled with joy. I just LOVE IT! I love you all!!!!

Elder Taylor




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