Cape Town: 1/5/15 (Week 8)

(Note: no new pictures for this week…a few more from last week below)

Happy New Year’s everyone!

Hope you guys had a wonderful day and hope you have a blessed 2015 as well! As missionaries, our New Year’s Eve consisted of eating McDonald’s and watching General Conference talks hahahaha. We weren’t allowed to go out for safety reasons, so it wasn’t the most exciting day!


So many good and exciting things happening in our area! We have 13 investigators on date to be baptized! We commit pretty much everyone to baptism and then we prep them as best we can to reach that baptismal date. We are teaching a guy named Tobias and he is close to getting baptized. He told us that before we came and taught him and his family they were having so many challenges in their lives and they couldn’t sleep at night, and ever since they started meeting with us everything in their life has been going great. They have been able to sleep, to have energy to do things and they told us we have changed their life. I told them that it wasn’t us, it was Christ and the message of His restored gospel. Also, they were able to buy a car so now they can travel to church. God is great. He truly blesses us whenever we keep His commandments. All he asks us to do is follow Him and he will open up the windows of heaven and give us blessing so big that we won’t have room big enough to receive it.


Another cool story this week happened with the Naah family and their friends who aren’t members. We went over with the intention to share a message with the Naah’s but their friends were there. For some reason I felt super impressed to talk about tithing, and I thought, “tithing, that is really weird, why would we teach about tithing to investigators?” So I listened to the spirit and shared a personal story about tithing. And then sister Naah bore powerful testimony on the difference when she wouldn’t pay tithing and when she would pay tithing and how much it has blessed her life. One of the non-member friends told us he had never payed tithing because it goes straight to the pastors and he thinks it should go straight to the church. I was able to explain to him the difference in our church. I said that all the leaders are volunteers, that no one gets paid to work, and that as missionaries we also don’t get money. I told him that every penny we pay in tithing goes to building up the kingdom of God. He was very pleased and he and his wife told us they will start to attend church. SUPER COOL! Just listen to the spirit when we get a prompting and we will be blessed.


Another cool one was with our recent convert who just got baptized. He was supposed to get confirmed this past Sunday and he wasn’t at church yet so I was freaking out. So the opening prayer started and I was praying so hard he would just show up. And luckily, the guy said a 7 minute prayer, and right when he said “Amen” Arnold walked in!! I gave a small fist pump and so did Elder Smith. God is so great. Arnold told us he left when church started and he could have sworn he wouldn’t make it in time but somehow he did, and that “somehow” is because of God. He works in mysterious and amazing ways and I have such an amazing privilege to serve him as a full-time missionary.


One super funny story this week was with a guy named Bobodygeny from the Congo. We were explaining the Book of Mormon to him and he kept saying “AMAZING” and we told him the names on the top of the pages were prophets from the ancient Americas. And he was scrolling through the book and comes to the index and points to a word there and says….”So….’cow’ is a prophet?” HAHAHAHAH I almost died laughing… I was like “welllll….. no…” hahahah but he was super happy we have another book of scripture to get closer to Jesus Christ and to our Heavenly Father.

God lives. He is a glorified resurrected and perfect being. He knows us and loves us, individually and perfectly. He knows our strengths and our weaknesses. He loved us so much He sent his only begotten son to die for us so that we can live forever. I have felt God’s love in the good times and the hard times and know he loves me and is proud of me for who I am becoming.

I love you all.

Elder Taylor




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