Cape Town: 12/22/14 (Week 6)

Merry Christmas everyone!

How is it going? While you guys are enjoying a cold Christmas, here in beautiful Cape Town, South Africa, it is super hot! But what another great week in the service of my Heavenly Father. So many cool and funny things happen each and every day! I will start off with a super cool story about meeting with a pastor. We met with this guy who is the pastor of his church and we were expecting a bible bash but he did not say a word! He nodded his head and said he was very interested. We went again and found out he wanted to be baptized because it is the truth, but he wanted to know if he could still be a pastor at his church. I was like wellllllll it doesn’t really work like that hahahhaha, but we will continue to work with him, super cool that a pastor knows our message is true!

So my companion is just the man, but he was going through a tough time being homesick during this Christmas time. For me, I have been away from home so I can take it, even though at times it is hard for me. So we were talking and I brought up some scriptures that we read about our families and how they will be safe and then he asked me to give him a blessing. So I did, as tears rolled down my face, and his, I knew God loved him, and he loved me, and he was proud of both of us as missionaries and as men. And I knew he would take care of us and our families and it was a super cool and sacred experience for him and for me.


Some super funny quotes we heard this week. 1) “We don’t eat meat. We eat chicken and fish.” 2) “I am going to go on the mountain tomorrow to go talk with God face to face.” 3) We asked him if he gets a chance to read his scriptures and he said: “Not often, but most of the time.” haahahhahahahah I hope these made you laugh!

This week I wanted to see if we could get Veggie Tales approved and Elder Smith and I were wondering if it was allowed, so we called our mission president. I was like “President, we were wondering if we could get Veggie Tales approved.” He was cracking up and he was like “Oh Elder Taylor, just don’t get addicted.” hahahahah love our mission president!


We have a baptism this week and I am super excited for him! His name is Arnold and this is definitely the hardest I have personally worked for a baptism. This will be #6 for me before the end of the year which is super cool! He brought his friend to meet with us and it was so cool how God really prepares people to receive the truth. His name is Puma and he is just an amazing guy. He quotes things that he reads in the Book of Mormon and it is powerful. I felt impressed to invite him to be baptized as well and he said yes. He said “I am so happy right now, I don’t know why but wow, I just can’t even describe it.” I just wanted to cry for joy!  I gave him 2 Nephi 31 to read in the Book of Mormon and he read it and said to me: “Thank you Elder Taylor, it shows why we need to be baptized!” Oh I love this work we do.

I love South Africa, it is truly an amazing place. We even get fed by not only the members but also the investigators. I love this area and this place and the people are just so amazing. Although I will be missing home a lot this Christmas season, I will be taken care of very well here. Love and miss all of you and have a blessed Christmas holiday!


Remember the reason for the season, Jesus Christ. I want to bare my testimony of Him, that He lives. He is a glorified resurrected being who knows us and loves us. I know that He did die for our sins, and that if we repent, and always strive to change and be better and be more like Him, we can be clean and worthy enough to live with our Father in Heaven again.

Elder Taylor




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