Cape Town: 12/15/14 (Week 5)

What a week!

Wayyyy too many great and funny experiences I am having. I love my mission. I would not trade this for anything, it is just tooo tooo great. I have a new companion and his name is Elder Smith, super cool guy and we get along great and work hard together. Our time as companions will be short though. We were both supposed to train last transfer but the guy’s we were supposed to train did not get their visas in time so they are in Uganda waiting. So whenever they come in we will train them. I am glad I have a little more time to learn more before I have to train a new missionary. I was supposed to train at 4 months! But, I know when he does come in I will be able to do it as I rely on my Heavenly Father.


I had a few experiences this week where I wanted to cry laughing. One was these two ladies…interesting people. She prayed for about 7 minutes, and the other lady would say “Amen”, or “yes” after every sentence she said. An actual quote from her prayer: “I still like to see Jesus’s face in the corner of my room.” I looked up and Elder Brown is looking at me with the most worried look ever. Hahahahhahaha! I am so glad I am serving here. Another was this guy named Bobogeny. He is a new guy we taught a lesson to from a DVD referral. We asked if we could say a closing prayer with him and he said yes. So Elder Smith starts praying, and so does this guy! Hahahahhaha! He thought we were all supposed to pray out loud. So I was just sitting there like what is going on while these two guys are praying out loud. Definitely one of the funniest experiences I have had.

I love the ward I am in. The people here are great. We had our Christmas party and program on Saturday and it was super fun. We have our choir performance next Sunday so it should be good!


There is this guy by the name of Brother Mike. One of the coolest and nicest guys I have ever met. He feeds us every Friday after our district meetings. About 10 Elders always eat there. Elder Quentin L. Cook, one of the 12 apostles on this earth, and his wife came to visit Cape Town and Brother Mike cooked for them. Sister Cook says “Brother Mike, you have to give me this recipe!” Brother Mike says “You have a better chance of falling pregnant.” When I heard about this I about died laughing, no joke I am still laughing right now as I write this. He said that to an apostle’s wife, ahhhh things are so different here in Africa.


We have a few guys who were supposed to be baptized on the 28th but we decided to move them back a few weeks for some problems. But we do have one guy ready for baptism on that day and his name is Arnold. He is from Cameroon. He is amazing and just a great guy! He had so many problems in his life and he told us he met us for a reason and his life has changed forever. The most amazing thing about being a missionary is seeing the change in people’s lives. And it is such a blessing being the Lord’s instrument in bringing his children back to him.

Life is great. God is great. Missions are great. If anyone is considering going, just do it. It is the most amazing thing in the world. Like I said, I would not trade this experience for anything.

Love you all!

Elder Tayllllaaaa







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