Cape Town: 12/08/14 (Week 4)


What is up everyone? Another blessed week here in beautiful Cape Town, South Africa! I will start off by saying my companion just got called to become the new AP of the mission so I will be getting a new companion. His name is Elder Smith and he is from South Jordan, Utah. I have met him and he’s a super cool guy and a very hard worker so I am excited about that! Elder Lund has taught me so much and it has been such a privilege to have him as a companion.


Elder Lund left us with one more district meeting this week and it was the most powerful thing ever. One of our elders in the district is struggling so we wanted to start with a talk and set the tone for the meeting. It wasn’t working so we prayed before the other guys came so it could work…and what do you know…it worked. And we started with that and we just started bawling…all 4 of us. From the first second it started until the last second of our meeting…and it was powerful. I, and my fellow brothers, KNEW that God loved us. And that he was proud of us as missionaries and as men. It was such a sacred and amazing experience and it was a blessing to be a part of that meeting.


Elder Lund and I really wanted to feel like we were part of the ward so that the members trust us. Let’s just say we succeeded in that. The last missionaries would have one dinner appointment a week. Elder Lund and I had 20 in 25 days! hahahhahha! Plus someone bought us groceries one time and then some lady gave us money to go and get lunch. It’s truly a blessing serving here and this ward is so amazing.


The Holy Ghost is a great gift to have. This week truly added to my testimony of it. We were walking into an appointment and I felt this impression we needed to leave. But I was like, no we need to teach. When all of the sudden Elder Lund says “Elder Taylor, do you feel like we need to get out of here?” I was like yes, and we booked it. Crazy thinking what really could have happened if we didn’t listen to the Holy Ghost/Spirit when we got prompted to do something.

There were some more super spiritual experiences that happened this week. One was with this guy who is a recent convert named Marshin. We taught his friends and we asked him to share his testimony and it was the most powerful thing I have ever heard. Everyone was just speechless. His friend finally said, “give me that Book of Mormon. I need to read this because this has changed my friend’s life.” Powerful! Another was with the Book of Mormon as well, with a guy named Charles. He always feeds us when we go over before the lesson…so we had KFC this week…got to love Cape Town hahahhaa.  Anyway he bore testimony on the Book of Mormon and the reality and truth of this great book. The next day he called and told us he felt the spirit and he’s truly figuring it out for himself. Amazing stuff that always happens!


One funny thing that happened which was super cool was with this guy named Dennis. Everything we teach him he accepts. We talked about the law of tithing and we said, “Dennis, will you live the law of tithing?” And he goes, “Well yeah, it’s a commandment from God.” So powerful… I was like boom… hahahahha I love my mission.

Hope everyone is doing well. Appreciate all the prayers that come my way, always feel them. Love you all!

Elder Taylor




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