Cape Town: 12/01/14 (Week 3)

What is up everyone!?

This week was great. So tired but so joyful! There have been so many great things happening in this area and it is truly a blessing to my companion and I for all the hard work we have been putting in. For example, this guy’s name we teach is Charles. He has been investigating the church for two years and we weren’t really getting anywhere with him. We showed him the restoration of the gospel video and really focused on Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. We testified of what we know is true and we could tell he really felt it. He told us he knows 90% that it is true, but he wants to feel 100% before he joins. But now, we will start to prep him for baptism and it is truly an answer to our prayers and of our faith and obedience.


I don’t know why, but people here think I am at least 25. Everyone that I tell I am 19 goes, “you’re 19???” hahahahaha. One lady was like I thought you were 30 and your companion was 27. But it must be you guys are just so mature you act that age. hahahahahahhaha (mom and dad don’t try to laugh too much at that).

One thing that has really struck me as of late is how much pressure is put on us missionaries. People literally trust us so much and rely on us way too much. They tell us everything in their lives that is going wrong. Things that they have done wrong, what they are currently going through and things like that. It really is overwhelming at times but whenever my companion and I listen to the spirit, we can always help them. Especially the message that we bring to them, it changes their lives and gives them hope that they can overcome anything.


We had Thanksgiving dinner this week at two Americans’ houses! It was AMAZING! Turkey, stuffing, rolls, salad, mashed potatoes, pecan and pumpkin pie. By far the best food I have had on mission thus far. We had 8 dinner appointments this last week, and an old lady bought us some groceries. And this week we have 7, and some old lady said she couldn’t have us over, but gave us an envelope with money so we could get some food. Got to love Cape Town!



I was able to go on exchanges with one of the zone leaders, who happens to be my “grandfather” on my mission (the person who trained my trainer). It was so fun and a great day! We did some street contacting and I wanted to make it fun so we had to use a different word in every single approach to someone. Some of those words we used were: dinosaur, marbles, cement, cloud, stripe… it was so fun and successful. Elder Hatch told me to use cloud, so I went up to a guy and I was like “Have you ever wondered where we came from, why we are here, or where we go when we die? Well this pamphlet explains that and also what heaven is…some people think it is a cloud, but we know from this that it isn’t.” Elder Hatch was about to die trying to hold in the laughing. Every time we would do an approach like that, they accepted. And when we didn’t, we were rejected. Very fun day!

The baptism of Ryan Stevens happened this week and it was such a powerful day. He is the most amazing young man and it was a very great day. Whenever one of your investigators gets baptized, you really feel that the work you do is making a difference. That day I really felt that Heavenly Father was proud of me as a missionary. When Ryan bore his testimony after he was baptized, it brought tears to my eyes. Great day and I love being a missionary.


I have never been so tired in my life or have worked this hard in my life. Everyday my comp and I go to bed so tired but filled with joy. Keep the prayers coming my way and my comp’s way. We both feel them and need them. Love and miss you all!

Elder Tayllllla




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