Cape Town: 11/24/14 (Week 2)

Life is good everyone. Really really good.

This week was just great. We started off last Monday on P-day playing basketball with 30 other missionaries in an INSIDE court! It is so amazing being here in Cape Town! Don’t get me wrong, there are definitely some cons with this place but it is amazing. We have 8 dinner appointments this week. 8. hahahahha! And we will be having Thanksgiving dinner this Thursday with two American families! So cool! With turkey and pumpkin pie and stuffing and what not…. super excited.


Elder Lund is still the man. We are so close! We pray together maybe 10 times a day hahah so we are always so united. In a lesson this week an investigator named Sarah said “You guys have such unity in lessons….it feels like you guys must have been together for months.” It is super cool when you serve with someone who wants to work hard like you do. It is just a super good feeling working all day everyday giving your all to the Lord.


One of my weaknesses before my mission and even at the beginning was saying what I want to say the way I have it in my head. And I have prayed so hard and have had so much faith that God will help my weak things become strong and he has. A few times this week I heard “That makes perfect sense.” And it is really a testimony to me. One investigator that we have is named Paul. He was a heroin addict until about a month ago. He has given it up to follow Christ. And heroin has a 2% recovery rate. So God is really blessing him. Everything we tell him he knows it is true. He told us “I am a Latter-Day Saint guys, I am all in.” Everyone has one investigator that changes their lives as missionaries and this one is mine. Last lesson I actually cried, super cool testimony like meeting. He said “Elder Taylor, everything you say makes sense. You say it so perfectly.” And that on top of everything made me want to cry in giving thanks to my God for helping me with my weak things. His fiancées’ name is Michelle and she has had a hard time with the Book of Mormon. But, on Sunday she handed Elder Lund and I a note and it was her testimony of the Book of Mormon. She knew it was true. She had one of those spiritual experiences that she couldn’t deny. So many miracles are happening in our area and it is such a blessing to be a part of it!


We went to a Christian radio station this week to see if we could go on and share a message. They said yes and we are setting up a time for the near future! So I will be sure to take a video of me talking on the radio for all of you!

This week we went on exchanges. I had to take out a brand new missionary. It was good for me so I could learn how to be the senior companion and how to take charge in lessons. So he slept over and my companion went with his companion in the other boarding. It was a super cool experience. After the day, Elder Brown says, “That was the best, most spiritual and fun day I have had on mission.” It was for me to. We worked super hard that day because I wanted to show him how to work. My companion Elder Lund and I work so hard. From 10:00am to 9:30pm every single day. We are overworking ourselves but we just love it. I got super sick on Saturday and was very weak. He said I should probably stay home and rest to feel better. But, I told him I wanted to work so we went out and worked. He said “Elder Taylor, I don’t think any other missionary would be out here working right now with the way you feel. You are one of the hardest working missionaries I have ever met.” This was another testimony to me how God is blessing me. I was the laziest person in the entire world before my mission. But now I work so hard and am so grateful for this mission experience.


We have a baptism this week! I am super excited for our investigator named Ryan! He is a super sweet guy! He asked me to speak at the baptism so I will be giving a talk. Should be a super sweet day. Love when one of the people I teach gets baptized and they see for themselves the light of God.


Life is good. God has blessed me and my family so much as I continue to serve him faithfully. The white handbook is so essential and obedience is so key. Elder Lund and I refer to the white handbook as the “book of blessings” and as we follow that book of rules, we have been so blessed and life is just great.

Love you all!
Elder Taylor





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