Cape Town: 11/17/14 (Week 1)

My people what is up!!

I don’t even know where to begin. Cape Town is the most amazing place in the entire world. The first thing I did here was went to Burger King with my new companion. Elder Lund is the man! We are so tight already. He is known as the most obedient and hardest working missionary in the mission and it did not take long for me to figure that out! The Lord has blessed us so much as we continue to be obedient and humble. We always cook together and he makes me breakfast sometimes, and it is just a great companionship. He told me that I was an answer to his prayers and fasting, and he was to mine as well!



The area that we are working in is super nice. We are close to the beach and there are so many pretty mountains all around in our area. There are so many funny experiences that happen on an hourly basis. One time in a lesson this week a guy calls his friend and says “hurry up and get here, the men of God are here” hahahahah. And we always hear “pastor! come pray for us”. So sometimes we pray for some people. One guy tried to give us money because of the missionary work we were doing but we told him we don’t accept money hahahaha!


There are so many cool investigators, we had 9 come to church! One guy’s name is Elias. His family is from the Congo. We had a 2 hour lesson with him and it was so powerful. He said “I have one question. What is so special about my family? Why are two young men from the United States in Africa and drive to my house to meet with me and my family?” And my response was: “Everything. Your family is so special. You have the potential to be a family forever. Not only on this Earth but in the next life. The gospel and the message we share has brought my family and I so much peace and happiness and joy and that is why we want you and your family to hear it and be baptized.” And he teared up a little bit and muttered out “Thank you.” SUPPPPPER powerful!


I have never fully seen the point of planning but now I see why. As we plan we show our faith in the Lord and he blesses us. There were so many times where we were so prepared in lessons and it just went so smoothly and awesome. Even when things fell through we were prepared with backup plans and we are never idle. Sometimes we just pull over and pray when we need some guidance if a plan falls through and the Lord always leads us to the right people. We are striving to be 100% obedient and the Lord has blessed us as we are continuing to do so.


The funniest thing happened in our lesson this week. So last week a guy started smoking a cigarette in one of the lessons. This week, a guy rolls a joint and starts smoking weed!!!! HAHAHAH! I was like bro what the heck?! And he is one of our really progressing investigators. My companion wanted to laugh and so did I. But, we will continue to work with him!!

In Mthatha, we would get one dinner appointment every 2 weeks. This week we had SIX! Six dinners from members/investigators. It was so sweet! Yesterday was one of the freakiest meals I have had though. It was food from Ghana. It was this super spicy and hot soup and it had a fish in it with the bones and everything and I was like what am I eating hahahahha. But food is food!


God is great. Life is good. A mission is the most amazing thing. Don’t get me wrong, trials come in bundles on a mission. But just work hard and enjoy the good times and you will overcome anything!

Love you all!!!!

Elder Taylor





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