11/10/14: Queenstown

What’s up everybody?!

This week was the best week I have had on my mission! So many cool and exciting things happened! I just found out our transfer news and I will be heading to Cape Town! I will be going to a place called Meadowridge on Wednesday. We will drive to East London on Tuesday and then a two hour flight on Wednesday! I’ve heard from so many people that my new companion is the best and hardest working missionary in the mission and that I am super lucky! So I can’t wait!

Three of our investigators got baptized this week and 2 of the Zone Leaders’ investigators did as well, so there were 5 people who got baptized. It was a super sweet service! There were three sisters and super amazing girls! It is truly a testimony to me when one of the people you teach gets baptized. They told us that they feel completely new and really blessed and feel so much happiness.


On Tuesday we set up a booth in the middle of town with a bunch of posters and bulletin boards and pamphlets and Books of Mormon and we just went and talked to everyone around that area and it was very successful! Before when I would do something like this I would get so nervous but now I enjoy it. “Do you want a free DVD about Jesus?” You have to love teaching in Africa hahahahaha!

I had the question “where did you serve last?” a lot this week. I would tell them that I last served in Mthatha and every time they would respond with something like “How are you still alive?” hahahahahaha! One investigator told me that Mthatha was voted the most dangerous city in the entire South Africa. So, I am pretty excited to be heading to Cape Town to say the least.


Every time we walk by or drive by someone we always hear, “men of God! men of God!” or “Elders!” and everybody wants to talk to us. That is one nice thing about being white in a black area is everybody wants to listen to what you have to say. We are able to get into so many doors and teach so many lessons just because they like the company of white people!

This week one of the funniest things happened. We just said the prayer in a lesson and right after we started teaching, one of the investigators pulled out a cigarette and started smoking right in the middle of the lesson! hahahahahhaha! I was like uhhhhh…. and it was in a small room so it was awful!


I had another one of those “I am on a mission in Africa” moments this week. We were able to give 3 Priesthood blessings in one day. One to a boy in the hospital, one to a lady about to get baptized, and one to an investigator. The investigator named Zuko called us and asked if we could stop by so we went. It was late at night and it was pouring rain. The flooding gets awful here because they don’t have any system to drain the water. There were huge puddles and it was lightning and thunder and mud everywhere. I was thinking “I am not about to get my shoes dirty and it is a far walk from the car to the house”. So I took off my shoes and socks, rolled up my pants, and starting hiking in the mud. My companions did the same. I was thinking, wow, I am on a mission and I am in Africa! I am hiking through mud and puddles in the pouring rain, late at night, to give this man a Priesthood blessing. I love my mission!


First mail finally arrived! My sister Haley drew this for me!

A mission is amazing. I have never felt so much joy and peace in my life. The message that we share changes lives. I have seen people addicted to drugs be able to stop with the help of the gospel. I have seen families be able to gain hope because of the message that we share. I am so blessed to be a missionary and would not trade this experience for anything.

Elder Taylor


First mail finally arrived….3 months later!!


11-7-2014 091


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