Mthatha: 9/29/14 (Week 6)

Hello everyone! What a week! Probably the best week I’ve had on my mission thus far. There were so many good things that happened, and also some bad. But, if you go through everyday with a smile, everything will be okay! This week we were supposed to teach the investigator’s dad who wouldn’t let his son be baptized, and he cancelled three different times! So frustrating! The Lord is making us work really hard for this one, but, when you think you can’t work any harder or do any more, that is when the blessings and miracles occur. So, we will keep grinding!


Well this week I discovered I am more than just a missionary. Elder Pulu and I stopped a stabbing from happening, hahahahhaha! There was this guy with this huge knife about to stab some other guy and we flipped a U-turn and they thought we were the police so they all scattered. You are welcome to the guy we saved, hahahahaha!


The xhosa this week really picked up. I now can crack jokes in xhosa! My favorite thing to say is “ugaboni stukusoko” which means “what clan are you in” and then I tell them “estukosam lameni” which means “my clan is the kings” hahahahaha and they crack up! They are like, “You’re in a clan?!” And they love it, especially the old ladies! One word I hear maybe 15 times a day is “Muhlungu”, which means “white person”. So whenever they say that I yell “xhosa” out the window and they go “aybo cheene”, which means “what the heck”, and they freak out because I understand them hahahaha, I love it!!


This week I was asked out by three different girls haahahahaha. Three different times, “Can I be your girlfriend?” I knew I was in trouble when they said, “Do you have a girlfriend?” Each time I said, “Oh… sorry I have a girl waiting for me back home” hahahahaha got to love Africa!!

We went on exchanges on Friday and I went out with the district leader, probably the best day I have had as a missionary! Felt the spirit so strong that day! When we were driving back he turned to me and said, “Elder Taylor, you have a special gift with people. They always want to be around you and just talk to you. You are going to be a leader in this mission. Make sure you always use the gift Heavenly Father has blessed you with throughout your mission and in life.” I thought that was nice of him to say! So my challenge to everyone is to use the gifts God has blessed us with or he will take them away and give them to someone else.


Before my mission I was very lazy, I would just sit around all day and do nothing. But, I now know how to work and to study and to push through even when things get hard. I am starting to shape into the man I have always wanted to be and the father that I am going to want to be someday. I wouldn’t trade this experience I am having for anything. I love my mission and I am so blessed and humbled to be here and be the Lord’s servant. I love you all and pray for you guys everyday! Hope you have a good week!


Elder Taylor


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