Mthatha: 9/15/14 (Week 4)

Hello Everyone!

Another great week here in wonderful Mthatha! This week was so great! Something happened with one of our investigators, so she has to be interviewed again and we pushed back her and her cousin’s baptisms to next week as well so they can all get baptized together. But, Khomotso did get baptized this Sunday! It was an amazing experience for me and for her! It was my first baptism ever and the spirit was so strong throughout the service. She gave such a powerful testimony after she was baptized. Her mom, who is not a member, came to church and to the baptismal service and after we said, “How are you doing Mom?” And she told us very good and one day she wants to follow in her daughter’s footsteps… super cool!  My goal before I came on my mission was to have one baptism and to change one life over 2 years, but my companion and I have 8 baptisms coming up before October 12th! So, I am going to need a new goal hahahaha. It is amazing how much Heavenly Father has prepared these people to hear His gospel and it is a joy to be involved in His work.

Khomotso and her family at the baptsim.

Khomotso and her mom at the baptism.

The baptismal font in Mtatha!

The baptismal font in Mthatha!

First Baptism

There were two super cool stories involving the Holy Ghost this week. One was with one of our investigators named Yanga. His mom is very sick and he has been taking care of her. I felt impressed we needed to see him on Tuesday, even though we didn’t have an appointment with him until Saturday. We made time that day to see him. We found out his mom had just got moved to the hospital so we were able to set up a time to go and see her that day and give her a Priesthood blessing. Another experience happened that same day. I felt we needed to see Sister Yolanda, a recent convert. We made time that same day to go and see her. We walked up to her and saw she was in serious pain, and she just had blood work done. We told her that we would give her a blessing whenever she liked and she wanted one right then. She showed such great faith in the power of the Priesthood! We gave her a blessing and the next day all of her pain was gone and she was made well. It is amazing what the Holy Ghost does when 1) we are worthy to have it at all times and 2) we listen to the promptings we get and act on them.


The work we do here, as well as missionaries all over the world, is real. I have seen it change lives. The message we have brings joy to people, it gives them hope, and a purpose in life. I feel like a broken record, but I feel so blessed to be on a mission and to be a servant of the Lord and doing His work.

This week the Zone Leaders came from Queenstown and went on exchanges with us. After the day, they told us that my companion and I have so much fun and are doing great work. Everyone has said that that has come with Elder Pulu and I. A mission has to be fun or else it’ll be hard! The Zone Leaders also said that me and Elder Pulu have a unity that isn’t common among missionaries, and that we really act like best friends. I am so blessed to have him as a companion. We have become like brothers so quickly!


Well guys, I decided to go on a diet. I felt like I was getting heavy so I cut out Mcdonalds, KFC, soda, energy drinks, and candy bars. It’s been a struggle!  Also, this week my name tag got stolen by a little girl, what the heck?!?! Her name was probably Elder Taylor too, so when she saw it she probably was just confused.  So no worries I’ll just get a new one…. hahahaha.


I love this place, I never want to leave this area. I get treated like a rockstar. Girls always freakout when I wave to them, all the kids always want to dance with me and stuff, and I always get asked to take pictures with people, I love it! I am so blessed to be where I am and I know that I am here in South Africa for a reason!

Love you all!

Elder Taylor






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