Mission Home: 8/21/14

Well helloooooo everyone! I’m officially off in the field! I flew to Cape Town to the mission home and we stayed there the night and then we all left to our areas. My mission president looks like John Locke from Lost hahahaha….he’s super cool.


So when we were travelling in the airport a couple of really cool things happened. Me and Elder Johnson were walking in the airport together looking for some normal food for once, when this guy stops us and bears testimony of Jesus Christ to us and wanted to thank us for spreading the word of Christ and for being amazing young men. We thanked him and then walked away. My heart was pounding saying give him the Book of Mormon, so I told Elder Johnson and he said the same, that that was all he could think about. So we did so and he was so grateful and said he would read it. Then we walked away and another guy taps me on the shoulder and says “how can I become a member of your church and meet with you guys?” So I gave him a pass along card with the MTC president’s email and said email him and he will send missionaries and he thanked me and I shook his hand and walked away. I was like uhhhhhh wow. I love the work that we do here but it is a little stressful. We hold the message of eternal exaltation in our hands and it is our job to help the people receive that message. Instead of fake people at the MTC that we would practice on, these are real people and real situations. It is super cool. I look at it this way – If I had the cure for cancer would I want to sit down on my butt and not do anything about it and keep it to myself? (Rhetorical question because obvvvvvviously that is a no). No, I would want to share it with everyone. But the message I have is something that is greater than the cure for cancer. It is something that will help people become happy and receive eternal life.

So, we flew to the mission home and we had normal food for once – it was amazing… then I got to see Dallin Smith!!!! We talked for an hour and it was great to talk to him.


But, right after we got to the mission home we were told to get ready and go hand out book of mormons to people we meet. So we went to a train stop and starting talking with people. Me and Elder Johnson teamed up and gave out 3 book of mormons and got 3 people’s phone numbers that wanted missionaries over. It was amazing. I was so nervous I was literally shaking, but then we prayed and we were able to do it. God is great! We then got back and slept at the mission home. Then, the big reveal of what area we were going to happened in the morning. I am currently in Mthatha, the MOST DANGEROUS area in our mission, hahahahhahahahahaha (sorry mom) but I know the Lord will bless me and protect me! So my companion and I had to fly 2 hours to East London and then drive another 3 to our area. It is the farthest place we can go on our mission.


We stayed the night in East London with a few missionaries and we went out to Shanghai Chinese food and it was super good and then got up and drove this morning. It is super sketchy here hahahhahahaha. But, my compaion is A STUD! He is from Tonga and he’s been out for 7 months. He had football scholarships from Alabama, LSU, Oregon State, Utah, and BYU and is deciding where he wants to play once he gets back. He also got a music scholarship to Juliard, how sick! We get along suppppper well and God really answered my prayers when I prayed for a great trainer. His name is Elder Pulu.


So something which is really cool is I was told we would be living in a HOUSE with another companionship, and that companionship was one of my best friends at the MTC!!! We get to live together for the next 4 months in this area so I was super excited. We get cars and drive everywhere. We have this 2014 gray Chevy small car I don’t really know but it is brand new and has less than 15,000 miles. Our house is pretty nice, nicest in the mission housing. We have two rooms, 2 fridges, 2 bathrooms, pretty cool.


I miss all of you and I will be on in a few days, Monday, and my email days will be Mondays for the rest of my mish! Time is really flying by!


Elder Taylor



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