MTC! 8/14/14

“Hello everyone!!!! Thanks for all the personal emails, I got 40! I love hearing from all you guys and how everything is going. This week was pretty solid! Since I’m the last one of my good friends to serve missions I’m going to have to use what they said about the MTC….it really is a spiritual prison! We are not really allowed outside minus sports time…we get to feel the spirit inside 24/7.  The food here is FREAKY!!! I don’t eat too much because I’m not quite sure how much is edible hahahhahahahaha and the water here is gross but I’m pulling through.

MTC food!

MTC food!

Tuesday we got to go to the temple and it was super cool since we went through with 25 of the Elders and sisters that have never been through, powerful stuff hearing what they had to say about all of it! We got to hear from a member in the Presidency of the 70 before we went in so that was super cool!

Temple trip

Temple trip

The guys here are super cool, most from Africa. My companion is from Zimbabwe and his English is a little iffy, but he is a convert of a few years and has such a good testimony it helps strengthen mine. I’m known as the senior companion and him as the junior so I tend to do all of the talking when we teach “investigators”. Today, when we were practicing teaching, we were teaching a guy and I said “I know if you get baptized and come unto Christ, you will be a great example for your son.” And then I started crying talking about how much my dad has been a role model for me and the spirit was so strong then.


My MTC companion

I have handshakes with all the Africans hahahahahha and we have nicknames for each other. We truly are a band of brothers here and I love it. There’s 5 from the U.S and they’re all studs too. It’s so funny wearing my cool watch in here. One of the teacher stops me and says, “You’re a baller man. Stud.” I was like BIG STUD LIVES ON!! Hahahahaha, even in other countries.

MTC brothers!

MTC brothers!

One annoying thing is that we have to get up at 6:30 am every day, but people in my room feel it necessary to get up at 5:45 am instead…….. I’m like c’mon guys really?! And they just sit on their beds and wake everyone up! But, every morning I pray to have the strength and energy to get through my day and every day I do. My favorite time of the day is sleeping… but besides that it’s sports time. We played a baskektball game of USA vs Africa hahahahhaha. Sadly, the Africans weren’t good…I was picked first after our first game, that says something hahahhahaha! But when it comes to soccer…wow these guys can play. I would just stay and watch everyone. Amazing.


One thing I don’t like is how we never sing hymns, so I always go into classrooms and sing hymns with everyone….they love it hahahahhaha. The Africans always come in my room and hang with me and it’s awesome. I’ve attached a few pics so please check them out! Next time you hear from me I will be in Cape Town!! Aye!!! But I just want to bear my testimony to you all that I know without a doubt this is the true church on the earth today. The gospel has been restored through the prophet Joseph Smith, he was a true prophet of God. I know that by and through Jesus Christ we can have eternal life and all live with our families in the presence of God.

I pray for you guys every day,

Love, Elder Taylor

DSCF1058DSCF1156#193 Last photo 002


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