First Mission Update: 8/7/14

Well everyone….. we’re not in Pleasanton anymore!

hahahaha I taught them the mug they liked it

hahahaha I taught them the mug they liked it

A little freaky here but super cool…. almost all of the Elders here are black but they are super cool… hopefully we have a few good games of basketball here hahahahahah! Like think of Oakland and times it by two…that’s what I’m living in right now, but I love it!

Johannesburg MTC!

Johannesburg MTC!


The food is freaky… I didn’t eat it because I ate on the plane. But I met up with about 8 elders on my way from London to South Africa. It was the longest most boring thing of my life but now I’m finally here. I’m already feeling the spirit constantly and I am feeling all of your prayers out here. It definitely was tough leaving my family for two years but I couldn’t think of spending a better next two years than serving the Lord. I have the attitude that I want to be the missionary I want my son to be, and I know if I continue to have this attitude I will be a successful missionary. I met a bunch of cool Elders here already and I am eager to get out and serve already. Sorry, had to keep it short today…only gave us a few minutes! I think my p-day is Monday so I’ll send more then! Love you all!


Elder Taylor



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